SharePoint 2013: How do I get a list of all files in document library (with full paths)?

  1. Use ribbon command to export the document to Excel (take steps in this video - Export your document library listing to Excel)
  2. You'll get an Excel with 1 sheet called owssvr, that contains these columns:
    1. Name,
    2. Modified
    3. Modified By
    4. Item Type
    5. Path
  3. Filter the sheet by Item Type = 'Item' (uncheck 'Folder' and any other value)
  4. Put this formula to a cell right under cell F1:
    1. =CONCATENATE([@Path];"/";[@Name])
  5. This will create a new column and fill it automatically
  6. Copy and paste the content of the newly created column to notepad
If your doclib has checkouts enabled, you'll see column D 'Checked out to'
If your farm column titles are localized, edit the formula accordingly.