Techknowledge - Rany Al Baghdadi

To whom it may concern:

As a VP Sales and Training at Tehknowledge, I would like to recommend Mr. Ehsan Ullah as candidate for a position with your organization.  In his position as full time IT Specialist / Web Master, Ehsan was employed in our office from February 1, 2007 until August 30 2008.  I work closely with Ehsan and I’m very impressed with his work.

Ehsan did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to our organization during his tenure with the office. Ehsan can work independently as Web Developer, IT support to office, Clients and Publishers, Office planning network and Maintenance. He utilized various scripting languages and tools in order to achieve goals,  including: ASP/ASP,net, PHP,Perl, Javascripts C#, .NET Framework, UML, OOA&D, Design Patterns, Rational Rose, etc.

I should mention that Ehsan  was also an asset in the whole software development life cycle. For instance, he cooperated with the team in some analysis and test aspects and assisted with converting the process ideas into the materials possible and more efficient to program.

  His work is one of the major factor in continued growth of our company.  In addition, he has not only managed the Technical work but he has also work closely with other teams like sales and marketing to understand the client’s and customer needs.

Ehsan was always willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent relationship to many clients and employers.  He would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.


Rany Albaghdadi
Vice President Sales & Training

About Me

Currently I am working for KBR based in Canada. My home town is Toronto. Traveling for consultancy and business purpose.

I seek a challenging career with your company to lead me towards management in web development environment that will continually challenge my problem solving and analytical skills across a broad spectrum of technologies. To involve my passion, skills and experience in creative, user interface, web design and development, and usability projects.

My experience in consulting and development solution in the international market helps me offer your organization an asset that will help develop standards and process models for current/future requirement of the company. Support ITIL processes for managing incidents, problems, changes, releases and service levels. Align IT operations and your business with service level management, service provisioning and service catalog. Establish a common solution for global support.

I have more than 10 years' experience in Web/Software development, 3rd party customizing solutions (Sales force, DNN, Joomla, OS Commerce, Share point etc.). Other abilities of management, I have been a playing a vital role in different companies where I was acting Project manager in different ongoing projects for commercial and social communities, in my last job I had pleasure of organizing international Conferences where I use to develop each conference web site , handle billing and other IT services Additionally I am a dynamic, fast, versatile , multilingual computer programmer, and I specialize in taking complicated tasks and try to find the most appropriate solution. I've never missed a deadline (in a recent performance review, my manager called me "diligent, Reliable and flexible") and pride myself on being able to juggle many different projects. I have been known to help out my fellow programmers, thus I love to work as a team as well as individual!


Following are the companies, I have previlage working for :

1) Nokia
2) TechKnowledge
3) Etisalat


  • Master in Information Technology - Electronics and Communication Systems (Still in progress ) - “Expert Informatique”

         TURUN YLIOPISTO, Informaatioteknologian laitos, Finland

         2009 to 2011

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Information System Engineering

          NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan

          2001 to 2005

Sales Force

Sales Force Administrator

I can analyze and customize sales force according to your requirement!

Introduction to AGN Smart Sales Force Automation (SFA):

AGN Smart Sales Force Automation (SmartSFA) is the pre sales side of Customer Relation Management (CRM) designed for the internet to be used also as an e-commerce component. SmartSFA is the foundation of the Complete Smart E-CRM Solution, which includes SmartCCA ( Call Centre Automation), SmartMA (Marketing Automation) and SmartCSA (Customer Support Automation).

Smart Sales Force Automaiton (SFA) gives you complete control over sales process and resources, and the right tools to effectively mange, forcast and report out through all phases of the sales cycle. Smart Sales Force Automation (SFA) delivers the leading-edge technology necessary to enable your sales teams and partner channels to access critical realtime information whenever and whereever they need it.

Smart Sales Force Automation (SFA) includes all the sales functionalities to capture every information about a prospect customer or a customer right from the stage of prospecting to the closure of the sale.

* Account Management
* Activity Management
* Contact Management
* Forecasting
* Lead Management
* Opportunity Management
* Solution Management
* Task Management
* Mass Email


Proficient or familiar with a vast array of programming languages, concepts and technologies, including:
Programming/Scripting Languages
.NET Framework (C#,VB)

Databases Familiarity

MS Access 2000/2007
SQL Server 2000/2005
Oracle 8

Operating System
Windows (XP,VISTA)

Web Familiarity

Google Products
Google Maps, Ad sense, Ad ware,Blogs, Google Wave , Google Docs

Network fundamentals

CCNA - Training
CWNA - Training
Advance Information/Network Security - StoneSoft - Training