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Introduction to AGN Smart Sales Force Automation (SFA):

AGN Smart Sales Force Automation (SmartSFA) is the pre sales side of Customer Relation Management (CRM) designed for the internet to be used also as an e-commerce component. SmartSFA is the foundation of the Complete Smart E-CRM Solution, which includes SmartCCA ( Call Centre Automation), SmartMA (Marketing Automation) and SmartCSA (Customer Support Automation).

Smart Sales Force Automaiton (SFA) gives you complete control over sales process and resources, and the right tools to effectively mange, forcast and report out through all phases of the sales cycle. Smart Sales Force Automation (SFA) delivers the leading-edge technology necessary to enable your sales teams and partner channels to access critical realtime information whenever and whereever they need it.

Smart Sales Force Automation (SFA) includes all the sales functionalities to capture every information about a prospect customer or a customer right from the stage of prospecting to the closure of the sale.

* Account Management
* Activity Management
* Contact Management
* Forecasting
* Lead Management
* Opportunity Management
* Solution Management
* Task Management
* Mass Email