About Me

I believe in on Equality, Freedom, and Respect for all individuals in society. and I love Ice Hockey!

A PowerShell Enthusiast, Automation Expert, Technical Architect and DevOps Practitioner.
Infrastructure Engineering with excellent DevOps practices and maintenance of Windows, Application and Database servers in various large and complex IT infrastructure environments.

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My Leadership Philosophy is based upon the principles that I have learned through the comparison of both strong and weak leaders.

I lead by: Measuring Risks, Making Innovative decision and keeping commitments, this has helped me in setting goals and earning credibility.

I place great value in: Honest and credible Team players/Working Collaborative

What I expect: Telling the truth in a timely manner, showing respect through words and deeds, being a team player and other expectations.

Things I do not accept: Unsafe working environments and safety violations, lying, negligence, types of disruptive or disrespectful behavior and other negative behavior and motives.

Leverage 15+ years of experience—including 5 years of senior-level leadership spanning IT infrastructure, software development, cyber security, communication and network management, system operations, service management, and disaster recovery.

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